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Maryland Safe Boating Course Offered Free to ages 8-18

Are you or your children ages 8 – 18? Whatever way you want to play on the water—whether it’s with a kayak, canoe, jet ski, powerboat, sailboat, SUP or anything else, the first step to onwater fun is taking a Maryland safe boating course with local experienced expert instructors who care about your (and your children’s) safety.

What you don’t know can cost you or even kill you! 80% of boating deaths happened on boats where the operator hadn’t received boating safety education. Most on-water accidents are preventable! Education prevents accidents. An educated boater is a safer boater. Know before you go!

The course is 8 hours total spread over 2 to 3 days. Great instructors are available 7 days a week year round, so courses can be scheduled on demand throughout Essex/Middle River on the days and times most convenient for students. Parents/Relatives are encouraged to take the course with their children.  For general info about the Maryland Safe Boating Course, you can visit http://dnr.maryland.gov/nrp/Pages/BoatingSafety/Safety_Certificate.aspx

Email safeboatingcourse@chesapeakebaymemories.org today!

Thanks to all who made Middle River’s Parade of Lighted Boats a Success

Thank you to all who made the parade a success! More than 50 boats thrilled our community and Santa joined hundreds of kids at Wilson Point Park.

Want to help make Middle River’s 13th Parade of Lighted Boats another success for the community’s delight?  Call Jim at 410-404-3013 or Pat at 410-686-3909.

(While this annual event is no longer organized by Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities as of 5 years ago, we wholeheartedly commend Jim, Pat, and all their volunteers for carrying on this tradition to celebrate the Baltimore County waterfront and growing boat participation exponentially to the delight and awe-inspired wonder of kids of all ages!)

Aaron Thompson Memorial Scholarship Available to Grades 6 – 8

Aaron Thompson, longtime friend of the Middle River Recreation and Parks Council and Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities passed away suddenly in August of 2014. Aaron was an enthusiastic supporter of Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities. He volunteered in past programs and wholeheartedly believed that outdoor education strengthened students’ in-classroom learning.

To celebrate his life and love of outdoor education, in honor of Aaron, Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities established an annual $200 scholarship in his memory that is available to students presently in grades 6 to 8. Up to five $200 scholarships will be available each year depending on the caliber of applicants. Winners will be provided with lightly-used technology that they will use for the duration of their participation in the program and then keep.  Winners will work together to inspire their peers to develop new fun ways to safely celebrate the spirit of outdoor learning that Aaron cherished so dearly.  The resulting ideas will be integrated into the following year’s curriculum.  Programs resume Earth Day 2015. Scholarship applications are available and are due February 15, 2015. For an application, please email penny@chesapeakebaymemories.org.

Special thanks to Middle River Rec and Parks Council Administrative Aide Gayle Sullivan for creatively and diligently promoting awareness of this opportunity’s availability so our community’s youth may benefit.

Thank you to Our Dedicated and Talented Volunteer Educators!

Thank you to our dedicated and talented volunteer educators for a successful year!  Thanks to your outstanding commitment and extraordinary work ethic we have benefitted over 25,000 youth during the past 12 years. Warmest wishes for a wonderful school year and we look forward to resuming programs Earth Day!

West Marine Donates 5% OF December 7th Proceeds to Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities

The biggest West Marine Store in Maryland, located at 8640 Pulaski Hwy in Middle River, will host a Community Day 9 am – 7 pm on Saturday, December 7, 2013 to benefit Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities.  Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities is an all volunteer non-profit organization, dedicated to providing high-caliber, hands-on Chesapeake Bay watershed-focused education, leadership and community outreach programs for youth ages 8 -18.  Over 20,000 local children have participated in their stewardship and youth leadership programs.

In the spirit of the holiday season, West Marine’s Middle River store, located at 8640 Pulaski Hwy in the Golden Ring Mall Shopping Center, will donate 5% of their sales on Saturday, December 7 to Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities.  In addition, a Knotty Kids Gift Making Workshop will take place from 9:00am – 12 noon, where kids can have fun making nautical gifts for the holidays.  A parent must accompany each child.  Supplies are limited.

“Wow! West Marine’s Middle River store is offering a generous gift and tremendous opportunity for local kids. We are honored to be chosen as West Marine Middle River’s Community Day benefitting organization,” says Penelope Soteria, Executive Director, “When Joan Macri from our Advisory Board shared the great news and I broadcasted it to the families of our past youth program beneficiaries, overwhelming immense heartfelt gratitude shined through amongst the community for this generous holiday season gift. West Marine’s support will go a long way towards helping us benefit even more local youth in 2014. We hope many people will join us at West Marine’s Middle River store on December 7th.”

Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities’ programs have been recognized with 179 national, state, and local awards. The 11 year old organization operates on an annual budget of $25,000, the majority being in-kind donations of educational resources that youth participants use and meals consumed during programs.  Programs are offered at no cost to youth participants thanks to the help of many dedicated and talented local volunteers, working in collaboration with other community organizations such as the Middle River Recreation and Parks Council.

“This gift from West Marine’s Middle River store location is fantastic! Thanks for helping the children think about their futures and get excited about the Bay,” says Marita Andrews, mother of two October 2013 program participants, “Chesapeake Bay Memories covered so much ground with these children they hadn’t been exposed to before.  Thanks for this one-of-a-kind opportunity that more children should have.”

While you enjoy West Marine Middle River store’s Community Day festivities, be sure to stop by the Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities table to get better acquainted and learn how the organization collaborates and creates opportunities to educate and inspire local kids.  Hats and fine embroidered polo shirts will be available for purchase. They make great holiday gifts and they can be worn with pride knowing that 100% of proceeds from this apparel go to benefit the organization’s youth programs.

Chesapeake Bay Memories Youth Featured in Documentary

The Electronic Media and Film (EMF) Department of Towson University held its screening April 30, 2010 of the documentary film “What Did You Do This Summer?” Filmed over the course of 8-weeks by EMF students and directed by EMF faculty member Shaun Wright, the 45-minute character driven documentary examines the impact of Baltimore County’s Summer Youth Programs as youth participants engage in their first summer job. Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities was honored to be featured. Many thanks to EMF’s Brad, Marisa, Amanda, and Shaun for their outstanding work in spotlighting local youth and their contributions to the community!

Youth Leadership Team Educators Celebrate Success!

Thank you new and returning teachers! Chesapeake Bay Memories would like to thank Kiara, Matt, Shahida, Brandi, Brittany, Adam, Caron, Karl, AJ, Chanell, Jevontay, Derron, Sam, Delvonta, Patrick, Richie, and Michelle for your dedication as youth educators! We appreciate all of the hard work you all have given to make this program a success.

The youth leadership team members learned to: Consistently attend work on time as scheduled, Come ready to work daily, Be friendly and personable with others, Consistently try to give the best effort, Respect all people’s voices and diversity, Maintain a positive attitude, Learn CPR and First Aid, Learn and demonstrate effective teaching skills, Learn all 15 Chesapeake Bay education stations, Learn how to successfully rig a fishing rod and cast a fishing rod, Demonstrate effective leadership skills, Work well independently, Work well as a team member, Learn MD State Safe Boating Course material, Bring a lunch daily to work, Act respectfully on the bus during trips to PAL centers, Refrain from text messaging/using phone applications/iPods in the workplace, Show initiative in volunteering for tasks requested by supervisor, Exhibit behavior that is learner-centered at all times, Be mindful of safety to self and others at all times, Be attentive and respectful of supervisors and coworkers leading activities, Respected the property of the workplace, Be trustworthy and reliable when asked to fulfill responsibilities, and be a valued Leadership Team Youth Educator, and will be welcomed back to participate in future opportunities at Chesapeake Bay Memories Charities.

Oyster Stew Cook-off a Tasty Success

Thanks to all who came out to support our 2nd Oyster Stew Cook Off

Oyster Cook-Off

Oyster Cook-Off

And The Best Oyster Stew Winner Is:

Nancy M. Dvorak

A Special Thanks to Long Beach Restaurant & Tavern for Hosting The Event Again!